Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fiesty Fawn

Today, I have seen this open source project called as Beryl.
Trust me guys, it is the coolest desktop I have ever seen
Now the same effects has been used with new release of Ubuntu call as Feisty Fawn.
Some of the feature i found are really very kewl and It seems like altogether a new generation of desktops is coming.
First and fore most it can be converted into a 3-D box like desktop and 4 desktop can be sides of the cube.
All windows open like as if hanging in some liquid medium.
All the movement of windows is very smooth and movement seems as if paper is being moved.
Raindrop and water effects are very very neat.
Developers have done a very good work and two major developments are: OLPC eis going to use it. And Dell has said that it was also make Ubuntu used with its Laptop.
So, Now M$ will have to start copying Ubuntu's stuff to keep up with them, but that will not change the future of open source desktop.

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